Meat processing from a to z

Our services extend beyond our meat processing activities. At Vleeswaren De Keyser, we will assist you from a to z in the development of your meat products. You can count on us for ongoing support, from production to packaging and delivery.

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  • Labelling, packaging & presentation

    Whatever your needs in terms of packaging, labelling, marketing, visualizing and presentation, we can make it happen as a private label manufacturer. As long as the design or visualisation of your private label fits within the packaging technologies we have available, anything is possible. Some of the custom made options are:


    • private-label prints
    • private-label foil
    • SRP (shelf-ready packaging)
    • display cartons
  • Stock management: value chain optimisation and automation

    Delivering the correct volume at the right time: that’s our guarantee. To be able to uphold our superior delivery service at all times, we operate according to the following value chain principles:


    • CRP (Continuous Replenishment Program)
    • EDI (orders, deliveries, invoices, etc.)
    • cross-docking
    • transport and delivery based on the JIT principle
  • Client-specific services

    At Vleeswaren De Keyser, we believe that meat processing is about more than the meat itself. Other aspects, such as secondary packaging, innerpacks and labelling are also important. In addition to custom-made products and primary packaging, we can provide clients with:


    • client-specific crates
    • custom-made innerpacks
    • custom-made primary, secondary and tertiary labelling in line with EANCOM standards: EAN13, DUN14, EAN128, SSCC labelling, etc.
    • production according to your specifications
    • production according to certification mark specifications 
    • guaranteed origin products upon the client’s request, based on:
      • geographical location
      • predefinied supplier(s)
      • specific closed chains: from animal feed to consumer
  • Category management: it’s all about the consumer

    Category management means we think with our clients within our main, active product categories. Not only do we consider our own vision, we also consider the end consumer’s purchasing moment. We do this based on GfK-Nielsen data and prevailing trends in the market (e.g. focus on health, animal welfare and environment).

    By combining concrete market figures with actual trends, we are able to develop a strategy for each product group, as well as new products and concepts. The ultimate goal is to provide end consumers with delicious and easy-to-prepare food products.

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