Meat supplier for the traditional hotel and catering industry

Quick & delicious

A delicious smelling kitchen gets your appetite going, whether at home or in a commercial kitchen. Meat supplier Vleeswaren De Keyser provides professionals in the hotel and catering industry, as well as retailers, with high-quality, time-saving solutions.

A range of possibilities

Whatever your needs, your meat supplier will provide you with a custom-made solution. Some examples:

  • precooked hams or pork shanks that simply need reheating
  • Ardennes roast to be finished in the oven or in the casserole
  • meat products for the barbecue, such as thickly sliced juicy bacon or cooked ham
  • diced bacon or diced cooked ham to add the perfect flavour to papillote dishes

Want to know more?

Are you a professional in the hotel and catering industry and looking for processed meat products or meat components to incorporate in hot meals? You have come to the right place! Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment. Your Dekeyser meat supplier will provide you with a solution that meets the needs of your customers, whether it be meat fillings, wok & topping or food components

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