Wok & Topping

Tasty Toppings

When it comes to preparing food, most people prefer meals that are healthy but also quick to prepare. A ready-made salad can be the ideal solution for your customers. Add any of our flavoursome meat toppings to a tasty, fresh salad to create the perfect meal. Some examples of meat toppings:

  • ham strips
  • ham cubes
  • chicken strips
  • turkey cubes
  • grilled lardons

Quick wokking

When assembling a quick and healthy meal in the wok, ham cubes or ham strips, diced bacon and poultry cubes or poultry strips are ideal for adding meat flavour. They are delicious, and quick and easy to use! Our meat cubes and meat strips can also be used as a topping for pizza or Flammkuchen.

Want to know more?

Simply contact us for more information about our wok & topping solutions. At Vleeswaren De Keyser, we can supply you with custom meat products to suit your needs.

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